Forum & Reception for us at the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington D.C

Secretary John KerryDavid Rothkopf with Leading Global Thinkers of 2014Dr. Rita Toth with representative of the Swiss EmbassyJakob Heier, Rita Toth, Artur Braun, and Florent Boudoire with FP Award GlobesDr. Artur Braun introducing the Swiss Global Thinkers and their moth-eye projectAttentive audience… "So make no mistake: Every part of the globe merits our attention, and I’m not exaggerating.” ...Artur Braun and Florent BoudoireAttentive audienceSecretary Kerry delivering remarks for the Transformational Trends Policy ForumU.S. Secretary of State John Kerry speaking to Global Thinkers and guests.John Kerry outlining his position on U.S. foreign policyFlorent Boudoire and FP’s Executive Editor Mindy Kay BrickerEmpa Researchers: The Swiss Leading Global ThinkersFP Group CEO and Editor David Rothkopf opening the Award ceremonyU.S. Secretary of State John KerryThe floating globes with solar cell propelRita Toth, Jakob Heier, Florent BoudoireFP’s Emily Simon (Vice President, International) with Artur Braun

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